Nerja Self Guided Tapas Bar Trails

Explore Nerja´s hidden secrets

Follow one of our great Tapas Bar Trails and discover the real Spain hidden in Nerja's wonderful back streets. A night of Tapas in the traditional bars is a great night out, not only is it very cheap but it is a very social way of eating and drinking at your leisure whilst mixing with the locals and doing as they do. Children are welcomed although you may find you pay more for their soft drinks than you do for your beer & wine!! One thing is for sure, you will think twice about sitting in restaurants for every night of your future holidays. Enjoy.....

We will be adding more trails but here are a few to be getting on with. As you will appreciate Pete & Kathy have dedicated many hours to the research and exploration of these Tapas Bars, its not easy but someone has to do it. (You can download any of these Tapas Trails including maps at the end of this page

Nerja Tapas trail #1

This Trail starts at Bar Atalaya (1). On the main N340 just south of the roundabout/turnoff for the Parador Hotel. Here they serve a good variety of tapas. Turn left out of here a few hundred yards on the main road to reach Bar El Velero, this is at the junction of Avda Pescia (the main road) and Calle Almirante Ferandiz, directly opposite the BP garage. Turn right as you leave El Velero (2) using the doors beside the bar, down Almirante Ferandiz a few hundred yards, then just look up the first left and you will see Bar El Cangrejo (3). Very good fish here. Leaving here return to Almirante Ferrandiz and turn left downhill, shortly you will find Bar Las Mariposas (4) on your left. Turn left out of Mariposas then first right at the crossroads and you will see Los Bilbainos (5). Here is a good place to try the local wines in kegs above the bar. This is another good place to try the local fish. When you are done turn left out of here, go straight over the little crossroads and at the next T junction cross over on the zebra crossing, turn right and immediately on your left is Bar Plaza. This bar is on the junction with the main N340, just 150 metres west of where you started

Nerja Tapas trail #2

This Trail starts at Bar Rincon del Sabor (1) which can be found on Calle Ruperto Anduez. From the parador fountain roundabout take the exit Calle del Torrox and Ruperto Anduez is the first right, Rincons is immediately on the right. Here the tapas is served only if you sit at the bar. On leaving here turn right then immediately left into Calle San Pedro. Shortly on your left you will reach Bar Dolores - El Chispa (2). Here they tend to bring you pinchitos (cubes of marinated grilled pork) but ask if you fancy something different. Turn left out of here and continue up to Bar La Puntilla (3) another very good fish bar. Turn right out of Puntillas, then immediately left and immediately right, a little way down on the right is La Taverna de Pepe (4), here they will serve you whatever they are currently making rather than offering a choice. Remember here for another great night out, it is a superb restaurant and serves the best gambas al pil-pil in town. On leaving here turn right, then right at the end of the road, then left at the little T junction, in front of you is the Parador “fountain” roundabout and here you will find Rincon del Encarni. There are no tapas here but is a great place for a late night coffee or hot chocolate, or more alcohol of course! (5)

Nerja Tapas trail #3

This trail covers the pedestrianised centre of the old town where you are spoilt for choice. Starting in Calle Gloria the large and well known restaurant Pacomari (1) has a small bar to the side of the restaurant with a good selection of tapas. If you are walking down Gloria it is the small door before the large ones into the restaurant. Turn right out of here and just a few metres down Gloria is the bar Redondo (2) with its sister bar directly opposite. Both serve the same enormous variety of tapas. Immediately beyond on the left is Sevillanos (3), after that follow the way downhill to Bar El Pulgilla (4) on your left. This is a fish restaurant but they serve both meat and fish tapas at the bar. Turn left out of Pulgillas and almost immediately on your right is La Taverna (5) with another good array. Turn right out of La Taverna and continue to the end of the road (only a few yards). At the junction you can turn left if you wish and pop around the corner to Meson de Antonia (6). Return to the junction and continue straight on up Calle Pintada (turn right if you are going straight from La Taverna), a little way on your right is La Piqueta (7). Another one where you do not choose your tapas but what you are given will be very good and the house red is lovely. 25 metres up here and you are back at the top of Calle Gloria.

Tapas Advice

Don't be afraid to ask for a tapa if they do not automatically ask you and if you don’t know what they are called, just point to the one that you want. Often things like cheese, ham and olives are not so obviously on display so dont be afraid to ask.