About the town of Frigiliana

Award winning white washed village

The village of Frigiliana, and particularly the historic part is a village of unparalleled beauty. The architecture recalls the pure Moorish style while respecting changes through the centuries. Thankfully, the people who live here enjoy showing their love for the town by their actions. They can be seen constantly white-washing their houses and cleaning their corners of the cobblestone streets and passageways, keeping them spotless in the same way as has been the custom for centuries. In the spring, the courtyards and patios and terraces are overflowing with flowers, which turn a stroll through town into a sweet-smelling dream.

Everything they have done has earned the town well-deserved awards and honors making Frigiliana the most honored town in Axarquia. The town received regional awards for beautification in 1961 and again in 1967. Then in 1982 Frigiliana earned its most cherished prize 1st place for beautification in all of Spain, given out by the tourism and communications ministries. Instead of resting on their laurels the towns leaders continued on and received 1st place in Andalucia in 1988 for beautification. All these distinctions only serve as objective reminders that Frigiliana, day in and day out stands alone in terms of beauty and charm. These awards also help serve to remind visitors to the Axarquia the necessity of including Frigiliana in their itineraries.

The first time you visit you will be overwhelmed and surprised at how beautiful and sparkling clean a village can be. To follow one of the many narrow passageways is to run the risk of succumbing to the enchantment of the streets. The hospitality of the people here is infectious and you would not be the first foreigner to fall in love and decide to make Frigiliana your home.

As you are discovering the streets of Frigiliana, dont forget to stop and read at least some of the twelve ceramic plaques on the walls of the historic section, which depict the history of the Moorish people in Frigiliana.In Frigiliana, The town celebrates many festivals, both religious and non religious. The citizens take the festivities seriously and invite anyone wishing to share in the fun to come along, including the people from the neighbouring villages as well as foreigners and holiday makers. Our festivals show how united the town is in expressing and sharing our traditions, many of which are hundreds of years old.

Where is Frigiliana

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