Welcome to Flexi Search - The home of choice!

So you are in a position of total flexibility and not fixed to any given dates and ideally you want to see what is available between a range of dates right! Well now we have the solution with our unique Flexi Search. You make a search with some basic criteria, Type of Property, Number of Bedrooms even Bathrooms, Location i.e Parador, Burriana etc and you will see a full calendar with all properties which you can scroll through month on month to see the gaps in availability. You do not have to use Location but the more criteria you use the better the results i.e you don't need to see all Villas if you are looking for an Apartment - Check it out below!

Once you see an available slot which is shown in green you can click on the property name on the far left to see if its right for you. Properties by default open in a new window so you can always go back to the availability calendar and look for more. You can send us a direct enquiry from any of the rental property detail pages.

So what makes this so special?


  Imagine you want to book say two weeks but very few properties are available for the full two weeks but there might be one apartment for one week and another for the next - that would never be discovered on a normal date search but now you can see exactly what is available!


  Imagine you are traveling with friends but everyone has slightly different dates but you all want to be traveling roughly around the same time then this is a great search option which all of you can view at the same time and make real time decisions.


  Most properties have a minimum stay of 7 nights but what if there where 8,9 or 10 nights available may be more which fitted in better with cheaper flights, discover your options here


  If you see as gap of just 5 or 6 nights we can always get a quote for you.


  Retired or work remotely and have flexibility with your travel dates. May be you are considering a long stay over the winter period then this is the search for you.

Already know your dates but they are fixed?

Our standard search is going to work best for you if you know exactly that dates you have to travel. Simply put in your dates and your basic criteria and you will see exactly what we have for those dates - Give it a try! GO TO BASIC DATE SEARCH >> However as mentioned above its worth checking to see if there are other options available to you.

Our clients love it! Let us know your thoughts - Contact Us >>